What Treatment is Right for Me?

Is this the first time you have decided to seek out help for an old injury?

Maybe you just hurt yourself in the last 24hrs?

If your back has been bothering you for years and you just want relief or you just want to feel better, we can help.

Below are a few of the most common issues that we encounter and how we treat them.


Sports Related Injuries


If you have suffered an injury during a sports activity in the last 24 hours there are a few things you can do to help the healing process. Please call us right away. We can offer advise over the phone or book an appointment here to make sure we can see you as soon as possible.

Sports Therapy, or a Sports Massage might best suit muscle strains and pulls as well as help with any instability or imbalance in the body. Our therapists can help alleviate the pain and stretch your muscles and come up with a rehabilitation and strengthening plan custom suited to your needs

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Back and Neck Pain

We have all suffered from some back pain. Most commonly caused by posture and everyday ‘modern life’ habits. It might have been bothering you for years, or recently gotten worse, In most cases Massage Therapy can really help relax the muscles of the lower back, hips and upper legs, which would alleviate symptoms.

Neck and shoulder tension are one of the most common issues that people suffer from. Massage Therapy has long been used to help relax tension and is known to alleviate symptoms associated with neck and shoulder tension such as headaches and lack of sleep.

In cases of long term postural problems and consistent discomfort in the joints, Osteopathy can be of great benefit.

If your back pain has come on very suddenly and you are completely immobile please contact your GP.

General Wellbeing and Maintenance

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If you have had treatments before and know what you like we can tailor a Massage Therapy or Sports Massage session to your own personal preference and needs.

If you are an athlete at any level and looking to improve your overall performance and condition our Sports Therapists will work with you to find those areas that need most improvement and show you how to exercise and stretch those body parts to achieve your goals. We also do custom Gait Evaluations using our Gait Analysis system to help runners improve their stride.

For anyone suffering from foot pain, or is just looking to feel rejuvenated, Reflexology is an ancient technique that improves overall wellbeing.