Gait Analysis


If you run regularly and have experienced some form of pain or injury, gait analysis is a beneficial way to uncover any biomechanical deficiencies that might be giving rise to injury and improve your running efficiency.

By analysing movement, mechanics and muscle activity, gait analysis can be hugely beneficial for improving running efficiently and identifying problems related to posture or movement in people with injuries. Your gait evaluation will be tailored to you, providing you with the knowledge and tools needed to optimise your running biomechanics and prevent injury.


A 60 min initial session will involve:

  • A clinical assessment looking at joint function, biomechanics and the movements involved in the running gait cycle

  • Running on a treadmill for approximately ten minutes whilst your running movements are recorded using video analysis software

  • Explanation by the practitioner of what the footage demonstrates

  • An assessment of your running gait, force distribution and shock absorption

  • Personalised recommendations by the practitioner

  • A written report emailed to you after the session, detailing the practitioner’s findings and recommendations

  • Electronic resources for use as guidance in your own time

Follow-up sessions will then allow your running gait to be re-evaluated, your progress to be recorded and further feedback and recommendations to be made. Over a period of time, gait analysis helps to enhance your alignment, safety and comfort whilst running, in turn boosting your performance.

We currently offer gait analysis between 9am-3pm on Fridays and 4pm-8pm on Tuesdays. You can book a gait analysis sessions by using our online booking system or calling us on 01249 445426.


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