Edward Lea, Chippenham


 had extreme sciatica for more than six months, to the extent that I was having involuntary muscle spasms while playing competitive tennis and table tennis. A local physio therapist said that the sciatica was due to my age (72), and that I should drop my kick serve at tennis as it was contributing to my problem.

I discussed this with veteran tennis internationals who all said that I should be using a sports therapist. So I found Active Potential Therapy under “sports therapists in Wiltshire” on the internet and booked in as I had nothing to lose. As well as outstanding treatment, a series of exercises were prescribed, which I followed faithfully as the prospect of the return of the sciatica made any exercise a worthwhile investment.

It worked. After a few sessions, my sciatica was receding and my posture returning to normal. I have now returned to competitive sports, playing tennis singles weekly for an hour and County Tennis for veterans two hours each week, and still using my kick serve!

Sam suffers me with good humour at all times, and I have full trust and confidence in her treatment. My wife also uses Active Potential Therapy and equally is satisfied with the results.

– Edward Lea