How to recover from your marathon


5 simple steps to recover from your marathon:

Step 1: Within half an hour...

Within half an hour of completing the marathon eat a snack that has both carbohydrates and protein. A small tuna sandwich or a cereal bar and a protein drink. Drink plenty of water and have an energy drink to replace the salts and minerals you have lost through sweat during the marathon.

Step 2: Within an hour…

Stay mobile and try to gently stretch your hamstring and quad muscles. If there is an onsite massage therapist get a brief 15minute post marathon massage. Stay warm and hydrated.

Step 3: Within the next few hours…

Take a bath with warm water (no need for ice bath unless you are an elite athlete…see our other blog on Cold Immersion) and try to eat a larger meal with a good mix of carbohydrate, protein and fats, something like Spaghetti Bolognese or a Roast Dinner. Avoid alcohol.

Step 4: Within 24hrs…

Get adequate sleep so the body has a chance to start the recovery process. Sleep is so important in recovery from all exercise.

Step 5: Within the next few days….

Get to a qualified Sports massage therapist and have a treatment to flush the legs through and deal with any niggles arising from the marathon.

One of my rules for racing is that you should take a day off hard running for every mile you have run! That’s 26 days with no hard running. This will mean you will come back to running in a month feeling ready to take on your next challange.

Samantha Bramley is a Sports Therapist working at Active Potential Therapy.