Why bending your knees isn’t the ‘best’ way to lift heavy things!

Why bending your knees isn’t the ‘best’ way to lift heavy things!

For years it was a commonly held belief that the best way to lift heavy things was to bend your knees, lower yourself and then to pick it up with a a poker straight back.

It is now believed that in fact our bodies are much more capable than we thought and instinctively we know the best way to pick up heavy things.

In a work environment, employees are given lessons in how to pick up boxes and chairs…really? Did they go their whole lives not being able to do this?

Much of this overthinking comes from another commonly held belief that the back is a fragile structure ready to snap and break at any given moment. It is not. It is an extremely well engineered structure of strength and efficiency when allowed to be so.

In powerlifting, contestants deadlift double sometimes nearly 3 times their own bodyweight – without bending the knees much.

In the clinic, more people come in having hurt their back brushing their teeth than lifting a heavy object.

So, trust your back. Strengthen your back. Use your back. Just don’t be a maverick. Keep the weight close to the body when lifting it and don’t lift weights in the gym that you aren’t used to.

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