The magic of the spiky massage ball

The magic of the spiky massage ball

Using a spiky massage ball helps to reduce tension in muscles and release restriction in fascia. This allows you to carry on your treatment at home in between treatments at the clinic.

Fascia… what is it?

Fascia is a sheet of connective tissue that lies under the skin but above the muscles. Have you ever noticed the thin shiny film wrapped over a chicken breast? That is myofascia. ‘Myo’ = muscle. It covers all of us, from head to toe. Imagine taking away all of our muscles, bones, organs and skin, and being left with a 3D replica of ourselves… it would not just be an outline of a human, but would contain ‘pods’ which house our organs and musculature.

Take a satsuma for example… Open one up and notice how there is a membrane which holds the individual pockets of juice. The model would be identical to YOU, not just show similarities; it would show EXACTLY where your kidneys sit, how your intestines are wrapped and the break in your tibia from playing football as a youngster.

Back to the spiky ball…

There are various uses for spiky massage ball, as they can be used to target many different muscle groups.

For example, if you experience pain and tightness underneath your feet (often plantar fasciitis), you can roll the ball underneath each foot to release tension in the small delicate muscles and stretch the plantar fascia.

It is possible to use a golf ball for this, though this may feel uncomfortable if you have tender or bony feet. It’s not recommended to use a golf ball for longer than 4 minutes when standing or 10 minutes sitting due to the pressure on the small delicate structures of the feet. There is less chance of over doing it using a spiky ball as they are softer and pliable, and the spikes are able to work around bony prominences instead of rolling over them.

The same applies for other areas of the body, such as working a knot around the shoulder. Being pliable it is easier to manoeuvre the ball around the scapula, reducing tension in muscles and releasing restrictions in the fascia, but without causing bruising or discomfort.

Try this…

Stand up and then whilst keeping your legs straight bend forward and let your head relax. How does it feel? How far can you go?

NOW using a spiky ball on the floor roll your foot over it and give yourself a 4 minutes’ massage on each foot. Stand up and repeat step 1, how does it feel bending over now?

The fascia is connected from your head to your toes. How amazing is it that having a foot massage can release tension in your hamstrings, all the way up your posterior line?


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