Sports massage for netballers

Sports massage for netballers

One of the most common injuries in netball is an ankle sprain. These are caused by the stress put on the ankle when rotating to pass, the plantar flexion movement made whilst shooting, or simply going over the ankle by a misplacement of the foot or an awkward landing.

Another common injury in game play is jumper’s knee or patella tendonitis. This is another stress-related injury where you may have shifted your weight incorrectly or just overworked the knee by constant jumping and landing when moving across a netball court.

Injuries are unfortunately rather common in netball which increases the importance of a regular sports massage, whether that’s to heal an injury or prevent one. As stress-related injuries are common, a sports massage is useful in warming up the muscle to relieve the stressed injury and loosen tight muscular pain. A good sports massage will also flush lactic acid out of the area to stop cramping, and most importantly encourage muscle recovery to get you back to the game you love as quickly as possible.

When getting a sports massage, your therapist will not only aid your muscle recovery physically, but will also advise you on the best stretches to keep you in good condition and prevent the injury from occurring again. They will also likely advise you to make sure you’re warming up your muscles properly for the activity you’re doing. For netball, the 5 components of a warm-up are pulse raising, mobility movement, muscle stretching, dynamic movement and skill work related to netball. Together, these components get the muscles prepared fully for the game and increase muscular pliability, which in turn decreases the likelihood of a future strain or sprain.

If you want to get back to the court as soon as possible, a sports massage is a good solution. The massaging of the injured muscle will aid its healing and make for a speedy recovery to ensure your netball days are not over yet!


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