Marathon Packages

To help you remain injury free and recover quickly from training sessions, we have put together three different Marathon Packages. Our expert team will be on hand throughout your training period to help ensure your body stays fresh and ready to train. See below for further details of each package. 

Looking for more? We have also teamed up with sports coaching professionals Maxwell Coaching to offer you a set of unique marathon-training packages, including a tailored 16-week training plan and monthly sports massage treatment. Take a look here for more information.


What do our marathon packages include?

Sports massage. Fast becoming a recognised element of an athlete’s race preparation, sports massage uses deep tissue techniques to address muscular pain and discomfort, prevent injury and enhance recovery.

Gait analysis. By analysing your functional movement and running gait, our expert practitioners can uncover any bio-mechanical deficiencies that might be giving rise to injury and improve your running efficiency.

Osteopathy. Through physical manipulation, stretching and massage, osteopathy aids your body’s healing mechanisms by increasing joint mobility, relieving muscle tension and enhancing blood and nerve supply to tissues.





Monthly 30min sports massage (5 x 30min)

£125 (SAVE £20)


Monthly 1hr sports massage (5 x 1hr)

Monthly 30min gait analysis review (5 x 30min)

£275 (SAVE £120)

Fortnightly 1hr sports massage (8 x 1hr)

Monthly 30min gait analysis review (5 x 30min)

Initial 1hr osteopathy assessment (1 x 1hr)

Monthly 30min osteopathy appointments (5 x 30min)

£625 (SAVE £200)

Call 01249 445426 to enquire and book, or you can purchase quickly and easily using PayPal.

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