Our Journey through Small Business Saturday

Our Journey through Small Business Saturday

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When I look back at our journey through Small Business Saturday 2015, I do get a burst of pride.

Having seen how well my friend, Alison Edgar from Sales Coaching Solutions, had done last year and how much the Small Biz 100 initiative had helped raise her company profile, I was keen to follow suit!

So when the application form became live on the website….I did what every good business person does…and put it on my to do list!

And then, I dithered!

Then self-doubt crept in…why would this national program be interested in our little business, what makes us different, why would we stand out?

As any small business owner knows, these questions are key to our very existence…knowing the answer to these questions is what keeps us going, but all too often we are too flipping busy to answer them!

So then, what an opportunity to look at what we do, why we do it, what makes us different?

Turns out it wasn’t so difficult after all.

My TOP TIP….Be honest. Why did you start? What gets you up at 5am and going until 10pm and later?

As for the video, our first thought was a ‘Benny Hill-esque’ whirlwind tour of the business with everyone doing everything, but in the end we just stripped it right back and went with a more Quentin Tarantino inspired single take look…I guessed they must have liked it!

You can check out our video HERE

What’s to come? Well, I’ll keep you posted but a Bus Tour of Bristol and a Champage reception at Downing Street look to be on the cards…!!

My tips for success in the Small Biz 100 application are:

  • Be honest
  • Be concise
  • Be passionate

Then it’s just down to luck…but isn’t everything?

Samantha Cox Sports Therapist and MD of Active Potential Therapy




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