Nicky Finch, Runner and Coach in Running Fitness

Nicky Finch, Runner and Coach in Running Fitness

Forget all you know about gait analysis from a sports shop, the gait analysis at Active Potential is so much more. I have been plagued by glute issues during training and having my gait analysed is helping to sort this out. Katie and Phil are both fabulous.

I booked the appointment not really knowing what it would involve… I had a consultation, examination of my movement ranges etc. and a run on the treadmill, followed by a second consultation to discuss the findings. I was amazed at what they had found out about me. I then had all this information collated into a report and emailed to me, which meant we could work together to improve my running technique and weak areas.

I had exercises and stretches to take away with me to complete daily, and Phil now has knowledge that will help with my treatments for the future. I would recommend seeing either Katie or Phil to have this analysis done.

After four follow up appointments on a regular monthly basis as part of my treatment plan, I have seen a vast improvement in my running technique. I have achieved several PBs in this short period, which I believe is due to working on my cadence. I had started to plateau on my timings for 5k, 10k etc, but now I have new achievements to beat and I think I can do just that.

Phil works with me, he explains anything that I don’t understand and the reasons why the exercises and stretches are important. (As a Coach in Running Fitness, I am able to use this information for my Physical Prep sessions.) All appointments are followed up with a report, and now the video of me running on the treadmill is emailed to me, which means I can see improvements for myself.

– Nicky Finch, Runner and Coach in Running Fitness


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