Guide to employee wellness in 2018

Guide to employee wellness in 2018

In UK work places, 30.8 million* working days were lost in 2016 due to musculoskeletal problems. This includes back pain, neck pain and upper limb problems. In addition, 15.8 million* days were lost due to stress, anxiety and depression.

But how can physical therapists actually help companies to reduce this and improve their profitability?

At Active Potential Therapy, around a third of the people we treat suffer from generic pain, i.e. not caused by sport. A large proportion of these are 35-55 years old and work in an office environment and/or drive for a living.

Among the most common issues are tight muscles, poor posture, lack of core strength and general lack of awareness of what could be done to help the issue.

So, can a simple massage really help?

We use a combination of soft tissue work ,stretching and joint mobilisation techniques to reduce tension and improve range of movement with in the tissue, which in turn reduces pain. In some instances however, what is needed is education.

A simple set of exercises and a careful eye to ensure they are completed correctly can be as effective. Advice on diet and exercise, sometimes even getting to the route of an anxiety issue which can stem from long held beliefs about how to manage pain.

GPs are totally snowed under and have very few resources for musculoskeletal problems and this can lead to workers being signed off from work as a free (to the NHS) and ‘quick fix’ option.

Working with a team of therapists to educate, treat and support your staff can be a highly effective way of combating staff absences due to musculoskeletal issues.

At Active Potential Therapy, we have worked closely with a number of employers who have invested staff time or resources into helping keep their staff moving.

If you think we can help you too, please call 01249 445426 or email to discuss your individual needs.


*Data from the Office For National Statistics published 9th March 2017

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