Gillian Elliot, Runner

Gillian Elliot, Runner

I enjoy running longer distances and wanted to be more efficient, get a bit faster and be injury free.

I have found gait analysis at Active Potential Therapy really useful, especially watching back the footage of me running, breaking it down in slow-motion. Phil analysed each part of my stride in detail and explained what could be better. It was also interesting to see imbalances in strength and flexibility between my left and right legs.

I found it reassuring that I wasn’t running too poorly, but Phil has given me several things to focus on like improving my cadence, lifting my feet higher and tightening my core, along with specific exercises to help.

I got a 5min PB at Cricklade Half Marathon just after a follow-up appointment and that was greatly due to me concentrating on better technique and cadence when I was getting tired, so the sessions have really worked for me.

– Gillian Elliot, Runner


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