5 Ways Sports Massage is great for Serious Weight Lifters

5 Ways Sports Massage is great for Serious Weight Lifters

If you take lifting weight seriously, chances are you struggle with tight unyielding muscles.

The nature or strength training requires tension throughout the body and this can be counteractive to actually achieving your full potential within a lift. The balance of tight, relaxed, healthy muscle is not easy to achieve.

But sports massage can help.

But how?

  • Increased Range of Motion (ROM)

Muscles are responsible for moving a joint. If the muscles are too tight the range of motion within that joint will be restricted. Consider how much easier a squat would be with easy moving hips. Tension in the low back, glutes, quads and hamstrings can reduce the ROM in the hip thus inhibiting reaching depth in the squat.

  • Increased blood flow

Massage is an incredible tool for moving fluid around the body. It can help move blood which in turn increases blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. This helps remove waste products from muscles thereby improving recovery. As we know it is during the recovery phase of training that strength adaptation occurs.

  • Less Pain

A nagging shoulder, or aching back can truly reduce the productivity of your training. Muscles can be the culprit. If addressed correctly this pain can be reduced and your training can once again be awesome!

  • Improves sleep

One of the side effects of sports massage can be lethargy in the few hours following. It can be deeply relaxing and can improve the quality of sleep. Once again, sleep is imperative for maximum recovery.

  • Decreased Stress

Ever noticed that many strength athletes tend to be Type A personality and therefore struggle to relax? Not being able to chill out and allow the body to recover can overload the body with stress hormones and inhibit recovery.

There’s a bit of a pattern here isn’t there? Muscles grow in the recovery phase. Improve that phase and you improve your training. Improve your training and you improve your performance! Simple!

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